LexTalks November 2023


Sun, November 05, 2023

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST


Thomas Hunt Morgan House

210 N Broadway

Lexington, KY 40507

United States



The Lexington History Museum presents LEXTalks: Gatewood Please join us as we welcome Matthew Strandmark, author of the new biography, “Gatewood: Kentucky's Uncommon Man.” This event is FREE, registration required. Sponsored in part by the University Press of Kentucky. In "Gatewood: Kentucky's Uncommon Man," Matthew Strandmark weaves together personal stories, public records, and oral history interviews to provide a comprehensive overview of the life and career of an eccentric and fascinating figure. As an attorney, activist, author, father, friend, and opponent, Galbraith wore many hats—and not just his beloved fedora. This revealing biography features insightful conversations with Galbraith's family and colleagues, as well as commentary from Paul E. Patton, Ernie Fletcher, Andy Barr, Ben Chandler, and other well-known Kentuckians. Gatewood provides a richer and nuanced understanding of a generous, complicated, and flawed public figure who devoted his life to helping others and whose legacy will continue to resonate with Kentuckians for generations to come.

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